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Looking For A New Dentist In Farragut, Tennessee?

Knox Legacy Dental is eager to announce its expansion! After serving the greater Knoxville metropolitan area for three decades, we recognized the influx of new residents and the potential to further spread our mission of enhancing smiles. To fulfill this purpose, the reputable Dr. Keven Bowdle has proudly partnered alongside the talented Dr. Jacob Wolkow to ensure Knox Legacy Dental is equipped with the expertise needed to welcome new patients- transforming more smiles in the process!

Our dynamic team provides a plethora of services, and always gives the extra effort, to best accommodate the diverse needs of all our patients. Beyond offering the general routine cleaning; our team has long been recognized as one of the most respected and capable restorative, cosmetic, and implant practices throughout the country. Named an Associate Fellow in the American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry (ASIRD); Dr. Bowdle and Dr. Wolkow, alongside a knowledgeable team of oral surgeons, dental laboratories, and a caring staff, are fully capable in delivering life-changing transformations for any smile!

Our Advantage

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

Restoring Any Smile

It could happen as a result of aging, or it could occur as one of life’s many hiccups- but at some point, most patient’s will require some form of restorative dentistry to remedy a broken, chipped, or infected tooth! With the importance the teeth lend to the necessary functions of daily life, it’s no wonder why we take such consideration and execute such skill to restore the look and feel of every smile. Whether you require a dental implant for a missing tooth, are seeking veneers to gain a new appearance, and so much more- Dr. Wolkow and Dr. Bowdle have you covered!

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

A Modern Experience

During this expansion, we’ve taken the additional step to renovate our beloved longstanding office! With the arrival of Dr. Wolkow, our office is now fully equipped with the modern equipment and state of the art technology necessary to deliver top-notch dentistry and a variety of restorative procedures suited for every patient’s smile. Don’t just take our word, come visit our beautiful office space for yourself.

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

Reliable in a Time of Need

Knox Legacy has garnered a warm and welcoming reputation throughout the decades, as we meet every patient’s experience with consideration. To ensure our practice accommodates the hectic schedules of our patients, we remain open throughout every weekday from early in the morning into the late afternoon as well as Saturday’s because we know emergencies don’t only happen on weekday’s. We strongly encourage patients to contact us immediately if they’re experiencing a dental emergency since we consistently maintain space open to handle such a situation!

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Don't just rely on our word, read about the meaningful ways we've enhanced the smiles of so many directly from our patients!

Carrie R

It is such a great feeling to completely trust your dentist & hygienist. This team consists of the absolute nicest people, and are extremely gentle and thoughtful. I will never go anywhere else. This is what dentistry should be and feel like! I thank them deeply for helping me overcome the dental anxiety I used to struggle with from my previous experiences years ago!

Melissa R

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Wolkow and his staff. I am a new patient and was nervous since it had been way too long since I had been to a dentist. Yet, the entire staff was beyond nice and explained every single thing they were looking for or checking on with great consideration. They did a very thorough exam to check for various things. In both of my visits I was seated within 5 minutes after arriving, which has never happened anywhere else! Stellar hospitality! If you are looking for a new dentist, look no further!

Bill E

Knox and their staff always deliver an excellent service. The hygienists are very thorough and pleasant. I have had several emergency situations in the past and they have always went above and beyond to accommodate both me and my wife. Take my word- I strongly recommend!

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

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