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A Growing Community

Through the tutelage of Dr. Bowdle, Knox Legacy Dental has a deep rooted and successful history of serving countless patients across the greater Knoxville metropolitan area. While our practice boasts a 30 year long run, we believe with growth comes positive new changes! Dr. Bowdle is excited to expand his practice, partnering alongside Dr. Wolkow, to better tend to the community so deeply connected with this longstanding team!

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

Keeping You At Ease

It’s common for dental checkups or particular procedures to be quite anxiety inducing! That’s why our team’s primary focus is ensuring each and every one of our patients are met with a warm environment, a careful approach, and the tools necessary to alleviate their state of mind. To learn more about the many times we’ve gone the extra step to be a dentist, and a friend, browse through our testimonials! And to further understand your options, read over our sedation methods which we professionally administer to comfort our patients during certain procedures.

Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

Accomodating Busy Schedules

We recognize the challenges behind managing daily life. Whether you’re constrained for time due to work, or juggling the responsibilities of raising children- finding balance can be challenging. With that in mind, we mustn’t forget the importance of oral care, as a healthy smile will undeniable ensure a happier life! To ensure your smile receives it’s just due, our team will always schedule you at your convenience, and never double book your slot- meaning our doctors will cater solely to your teeth!

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Don't just rely on our word, read about the meaningful ways we've enhanced the smiles of so many directly from our patients!

Carol R

I went in snaggle-toothed, but through their expertise, I came out with a winning smile and truly couldn't have asked for more in terms of repairing my crown, I feel fully restored! Everyone was nice and supportive. Great dentist and team!

Carrie R

It is such a great feeling to completely trust your dentist & hygienist. This team consists of the absolute nicest people, and are extremely gentle and thoughtful. I will never go anywhere else. This is what dentistry should be and feel like! I thank them deeply for helping me overcome the dental anxiety I used to struggle with from my previous experiences years ago!

Diana A

Most businesses will attempt to "WOW" you on your initial visit- which I expect. With this office; it happened on the second, third, and fourth visits (also with phone conversations in between) and cemented my love and trust for this team of professional caregivers! Dr. Bowdle and Dr. Wolkow's professionalism did not disappoint. They never rush my appointments, express concern and genuine care, and are phenomenal communicators!

    Knox Legacy Dental - Knoxville

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